The "Burning" Issue
Gas Flaring Fact!

The amount of gas flared in the United States has more than doubled since the year 2000! 

"Environmentally Responsible Power Generation"

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Denver Electricity Use on the Rise; Pot-Growing Partly to Blame!

Supreme Court Rules Against EPA on Power Plant Regs!

Utilities Uncertain as New EPA Regulations Loom

Colorado Competes Among World's Top Gas Producing NATIONS!

BluBox Appoints Trevor Morgan as President/CEO, Robert Crawford as COO as well as both to the BluBox Power Company Board of Directors!
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BluBox Engages Empire Stock Transfer Company in Henderson, NV to be the Company's Official Stock Transfer Agency!
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Morwai Dairy Signs Letter of Intent to Utilize BluBox Power Company Services at their Dairy in Hudson, CO


Energy Pipeline: CleanTech Challenge Can Help Get BluBox Power
Off the Assembly Line

Ward Petroleum Signs Letter of Intent to Utilize BluBox Power Company Services at their Drill Site Known as Sharp/24-3-11HC in Adams County, CO.

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) Grants BluBox Power Company Fleet Permits for their First 30 BluBox Power Generation Units!  


Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) Selects BluBox Power Company from a Nationwide Pool of Applicants to Present to a Distinguished Panel of Industry Experts in the October 2nd Inaugural Day-Long Oil and Gas Cleantech Challenge!

  "BluBox Power Company will Innovate by Offering Next Generation Solutions to Exploration & Production Companies & Power Providers"
Rob Crawford - Chief Operating Officer


The BluBox Solution

BluBox Power Company was formed to provide innovative solutions in the oil and gas industry while assisting (first) local-to-Colorado power cooperatives to fulfill Distributed Generation (DG) requirements levied by the state Public Utility Commission. BluBox Power Company will partner with Colorado oil and gas producers to convert gas to electricity at the wellhead; eventually aggregating energy and capacity services to provide for base load as well as spinning reserve in support of renewable intermittent generation in Colorado and later the nation.

The U.S. electric utility industry faces several disruptive trends. Utility regulation is placing downward pressure on shareholder returns in the context of investor-owned utilities (IOU) and upward pressure on costs for both IOU and publicly owned utilities and co-operatives. Intermittent renewables, such as wind and solar, increase the need for reserve requirements by the various Transmission System Operators (TSO) as required by Federal Regulations as promulgated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

Distributed generation is attractive from several perspectives. For electric utilities, DG can provide electricity and especially ancillary services where and when it they are needed, close to the loads. They can be connected to the distribution system to ease bottlenecks and improve supply reliability. The relatively small capital outlays combined with short lead times make them attractive compared with large central station units with long construction requirements and large costs. DG can reduce costs by delaying, reducing, or eliminating investments in new bulk power generating facilities. DG can be used to meet load requirements in slow growing areas where larger expenditures that would otherwise need to be made are not economic.


DG is currently mandated in Colorado, as well as in many other states, to reach a minimum of 3% of all available electricity by 2020. BluBox Power Company offers a solution to help electric cooperatives meet this requirement, while offering Exploration & Production (E&P) companies an opportunity to reduce operational costs, and potentially share in a new revenue stream. The recent dramatic drop in oil prices has spurred all the major E&P companies to seek new ways to reduce operational and overhead expenses. In the State of Colorado, the single largest component of load growth is due to the explosion of drilling and the increase in the number of operational wells. Colorado is experiencing unprecedented growth in its oil and gas industry. Last year, direct oil and gas revenues topped $26.4 Billion (U.S.) while the industry added 121,000 direct oil and gas workers. While this has placed a significant strain on available housing, it has created an even sharper increase in new power demand. Electric utilities and cooperatives are scrambling to develop power system infrastructure in support of the oil and gas boom.


BluBox Power Company provides completely modular and scalable systems for commissioning at oil and natural gas wells. The generating units can operate off unprocessed wellhead gases, converting these unrefined gases into electricity for onsite consumption and sale of excess energy to electric utilities and capacity as spinning reserve to the TSO. Our natural gas powered generators combust the wellhead gasses with ultra-low emissions ratings that exceed state and federal emissions standards. BluBox Power Company provides a complete turn-key system including design, engineering, equipment, installation and long-term operations & maintenance. Units are computer monitored and remotely operated with BluBox telemetry and powered by oilfield-proven Power Solutions International (PSI) engines. The electricity generated has a dual-purpose, providing both primary power for well-pad operations and excess revenues to both BluBox and its customers depending on desired contract structure. The service and product that BluBox provides couldn’t have come at a more opportune time! The pace of drilling in Colorado is up, including a steep increase in commissioning of multi-well pads. This phenomenon is coupled with heightened power demand due in part to recently deployed power-hungry technologies such as electric-drive gas compressors and submersible pumps.

BluBox units
are easily permitted and completely hassle free in operation, producing much needed “clean and efficient” electricity directly to the grid and/or end user in strategic areas. BluBox has created an excellent opportunity for Colorado oil and natural gas producers, electric utilities and their ratepayers, BluBox Power investors, Colorado State officials and associated tax authorities.

BluBox partners with oil and gas producers to co-locate generation at or near the wellpad providing onsite power, negating the need for purchased power, drastically lowering operational expenses and creating additional revenues through net metering.

BluBox contracts with local Colorado power distributors to provide them with consistent and reliable base load electricity at an attractive price.

BluBox partners with smaller electric cooperatives providing means to meet DG requirements, delaying needs for rate payers to fund capital intensive new large-scale generation projects.

BluBox provides a complete turn-key system with design, engineering, equipment, installation and maintenance at little or sometimes no cost to oil and gas producers.

BluBox can provide power solutions for the drilling process negating the need for expensive and operationally risky diesel generation.

BluBox can generate revenue from otherwise wasted tank vent gases or condensate that are otherwise flared or recycled into the process.  This creates revenue from a wasted product.

"Environmentally Responsible Power Generation"



Forward-Looking Statements:

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